Flaws with utilitarianism

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Mill's Moral and Political Philosophy

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Oct 01,  · The Flaws of Utilitarianism. Lately, I’ve been watching Michael Sandel’s lectures on philosophy for the course “Justice” at Harvard on my iPod as treadmill entertainment. In this post, I am particularly reacting to Episode Two, Part One. Here is the summary from the website.

The economic, political, and social frameworks that each society has—its laws, institutions, policies, etc.—result in different distributions of benefits and burdens across members of the society. Utilitarianism sounds like a good ecoleducorset-entrenous.com all, it makes sense to seek the greatest good!.

Well, no. Here's a thought experiment that shows how utilitarianism would make you perform an obviously unethical act. I've no attribution for this, but it certainly isn't mine. The subject matter of the paper is, I think, the difference between killing and letting die.

Psycho-Pass: Understanding Structural Violence. Airing in October ofdirected by Naoyoshi Shiotani and written by Gen Urobuchi, Psycho-Pass has received continuous praise for its psychological and technological exploration of a young dystopian society.

This article provides a biblical framework for economics by showing how a biblical view of human nature is key in developing an economic system. The program also discusses the free enterprise system and addresses the economic and moral critiques of capitalism.

Flaws with utilitarianism
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