Time capsule writing activity sheets

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Time Capsule Transition Writing Frame

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Great for using at the end of the year, birthdays, or whenever! Find this Pin and more on Teaching Mama's Posts by Angela @ Teaching Mama.

reflect on the last year and remember your child& memories with this time capsule questionnaire. This time capsule writing frame is perfect for getting the kids thinking about their future and the flow of time - a fun activity to get them thinking, and a great way to get them involved in the class!5/5(8).

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A space capsule is an often manned spacecraft which has a simple shape for the main section, without any wings or other features to create lift during atmospheric ecoleducorset-entrenous.comes have been used in most of the manned space programs to date, including the world's first manned spacecraft Vostok and Mercury, as well as in later Soviet Voskhod, Soyuz, Zond/L1, L3, TKS, US Gemini, Apollo Command.

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Time capsule writing activity sheets
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