Westing game writing activities

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The Westing Game - Mystery & Horror - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

Stars can also use a wide-style path with different spaces presenting ultimate challenges or assertions. "The Westing Game," a Newbery-award winning children's book by author Ellen Raskin, was first published in and remains popular with children today.

The book is a mystery in which the residents of an apartment building are paired up to gather clues to try and track down a large inheritance. In Ellen Raskin's 'The Westing Game,' Samuel Westing has left the residents of Sunset Towers clues to solve the mystery of his death.

Let's learn vocabulary that can help you follow along as the. This Novel Units teacher's guide is designed to accompany the (not-included) novel 'The Westing Game' by Ellen Raskin, as well as the sold-separately The Westing Game Novel Units Student Packet.

Including a number of teacher's helps, exercises, discussion questions, assessment tools, graphic organizers, writing and art ideas, critical thinking challenges, extension activities, glossary and. Some activities and lessons are appropriate for doing in class before attending the play, on the bus ride to the theater, and after you return to school.

The Howard Hughes died during the writing of The Westing Game, and the event was a big influence on the book.

How to Make a Board Game From the Book

Ellen Raskin was particularly inspired by stories of phony heirs. The Game is Afoot. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is an award-winning puzzle mystery in which the heirs to Sam Westing's fortune are brought together at his mansion in order to solve his secret. Apr 21, Explore Danielle Burris's board "The Westing Game" on Pinterest.

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Westing game writing activities
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